The Reed Chronicles


Moving on from the squishy mess, we continued our quest into the depths. Going down the path we left before, we noticed a booby trap. Bonnor used Mage Hand to activate the trap safely from a distance, and it successfully sealed the room with iron bars.

We couldn’t see any other way into the room, so I mustered my strength, uttered a prayer to Bahamut, and ripped one of the iron bars off. Using it as leverage, I pried open another hole. There. Now sufficient room even for a dragonborn to get through.

Bilson was the first into the room and he promptly sprung a trap. I rushed in next to him to cover his back. While Bilson detained the guards in the room he was in front of, I cleared a slew of minions and grappled with the biggest of the guards.

The rest of the party quickly joined in, and we were able to dispatch all of the enemies with little difficulty. We found a good stash of gold from the largest guard’s chest, as well as some plans he had. Dox took the plans for good measure. Bolderion looted the main guard’s flail, and it had some magical properties about it.

Coming to a crossroads, we saw a door to our right that said “Closed” and a door ahead of us. Embracing caution, we proceeded into the room without the “Closed” sign. There were some dragon statues in the corners, and an enormous statue of a knight in front of us. Dox did a preliminary check of the floor but couldn’t see any signs of traps.

Bonnor and Bolderion both did arcana checks, finding that the floor had some level of enchantment, as well as the dragon statues. Feeling uneasy with this room, we went back to the “Closed” room.

Prying open the door, we found a very dark, very dusty hallway. We came to a tee in the road. Dox, Bilson and Bolderion went to the left to check what was down there while I stayed back with Bonnor to watch our backs.

Dox, ever on the lookout, noticed an enormous gelatinous blob taking up one of the rooms. It was entirely clear, but she prevented it from getting the best of it. The blob did manage to ingest a few of us but we were able to escape, especially thanks to Bolderion’s new flail. I also gave it a belly full of my fire breath.

The blob was unable to withstand our attacks and it quickly melted apart. We went to the next room and fought two undead. Bilson was able to keep them under control until I could get there to assist, and the ranged characters did heavy damage. Unfortunately for Bilson and I, these were exploding undead.

Once the room was clear, we examined the attached room. We found a locked box with a symbol of Bahamut on it. I prayed to Bahamut as Dox picked the lock. Inside, we found an amulet that had some magical properties, as well as a locket that clearly belonged to the Keagan family. Taking the locket, I vowed to return it to Lord Keagan so that his soul might rest a little more easily.

The Squish Factor

This places makes my scales itch. After talking with Sir Keagan and seeing what this portal could do to that Paladin, I feel the dark power pulling on my soul. But Bahamut be praised, his light and holiness will shield me in this dark place and shelter my soul. And by his strength I will try to shelter those with me.

I finally got the rest of the spider web off of my sword. Wretched, foul creature. Treading more carefully, we listened to the doors before opening them. Hearing the sound behind one door, we crafted a brilliant plan to crush the vermin between Bolderion, Bilson and myself.

Dox, in her classic stealthy style, opened the door and loosed an arrow. Unfortunately, the creature was able to duck behind the corner just in time and missed the arrow and raised the alarm.

We rushed into the room and found another two doors. Identifying one with creatures behind it, I burst in and bathed them in flame from my Dragon Breath. The three minions were quickly dispatched. This new room had a way around to the other door, and Dox concocted a plan to catch them by surprise.

We bound the other door with a rope, and let Dox loose a surprise shot. Unfortunately, this didn’t work quite as planned. They had a mage that loosed powerful magic onto us. Seeing the futility of pushing through the narrow hall, I rushed back to the other door.

I retrieved the rope and smashed into the room (apparently squishing another minion). I charged the melee creatures and brought one close to death. Just as Bolderion was about to go down, I swapped places with him (trusting in Bahamut) and took the hit. I bloodied this new melee creature as well.

Then the mage loosed his frigid wrath. A cold blast swept over the party, causing serious harm. Ignoring the melee creatures, I turned my gaze to the mage. He was hiding behind a table, thinking he’d be safe.

Bellowing with Bahamut’s Fury, I rushed the mage. I flipped the table on top of him and landed with the full force of my weight on him. One of the melee creatures rolled me off, but the table was too heavy for the mage to lift.

The rest of the party dispatched the melee creatures and Bolderion focused on the archer. Bilson and I danced on the table, applying a little squish factor to the mage. He struggled to get out, but was clearly unable to do so.

As the archer turned to flee, Bolderion gleefully ran across the table (punctuated by a squeal from the mage) and trapped the archer by knocking him prone. Bonnar flopped himself onto the table for a little more squish.

Dox kept an eye on the mage, watching him squish, as she loosed arrows at the archer (showing their archer how a real archer does it).

And, disgustingly enough, the mage finally perished beneath our combined weight. The archer was also quickly dispatched.

Perhaps not the most noble way for me to eliminate a mage, but with a frosty bite like his, I’ll happily keep a table between us (or, rather, beneath me).

The Ruins of Shadowfell
Like a boss

Found a scroll that says a rift is being opened so the people of Winterhaven will be food for “Lord Orcus”. It will be open in a matter of days with or without decoding “the message”.

Opened chest with 420 gold and some boots. Detected that the boots have magical properties.

Went back to Winterhaven. Talked with Valthrun. Gave him money to buy ingredients for ritual to identify properties of the boots.

Also tells us about the ruins and how followers of Lord Orcus in the times of the ancient empire opened a Shadowfell portal that let dark creatures in. A keep was built to guard it from those who would reopen the portal, but it has been abandoned long ago. The stories have fallen into myth and very few know of the stories.
Once the paladin “Sir Keegan” who was in charge of the keep fell into madness and slaughtered his family and fellow soldiers. He could not be brought down and was finally forced into the crypt and locked in. They say his ghost still haunts the ruins to these days.

Also rumored that great treasures are buried beneath the keep.

Then went to Lord Padrig to claim reward. He is quite happy the Kobold problem was solved. 100 gold reward.

We look around his library but we can’t find anything that helps us more in learning about the portal or spy.

Talk to Panven with messaging stone, telling him that Douven is safe. Also verify his identify via description and a question only the real Douven would be able to answer.

Come to the keep. Lots of fire damage. Nothing growing. Someone has cleared a path and uncovered some stairs in the stone leading to darkness. Horse and cart tracks.

We go down the stairs and are attacked by goblins. Rhogar foolishly charges toward them and falls into a pit of rats. Bolderion tries to run across balancing on Rhogar’s hands but stumbles and falls as he reaches the other side. Rhogar jumps out of the pit but is being swarmed by rats. As the fight ends he grabs one of the goblins and holds him fast. He grants him his life in exchange for the little information he knows, then ties up him and throws him outside.

We explore a dark cave at the bottom of a stairwell. There are many stalagmites and stalactites. Swarms of rats
Giant rats
drop from the ceiling onto Rhogar, and more drop from around us. After fighting off the rats we encounter an acidic blob-like creature. After nearly killing Rhogar the foul creature melts away.

Proceeding down a different passage, Bolderion falls into a hidden pit but catches himself and is finally pulled up with assistance from Rhogar and Dox. We find a nest of lizards and destroy them, looting their treasure and finding 5 gemstones.

We then venture into a room that says “Stay out. Really.” There’s an island with bones on it, and something in the water eats the rat bodies we throw in. A giant creature then emerges, dazing us with bubbles of gas and sending us into a headlong retreat.

Then a bunch of stuff happens, we defeat the water monster and wander around and find Sir Keegan who went crazy and was locked away. We convince him we also seek to fully seal the rift, and he gives Rhogar the powerful Aecris sword to help in our quest.

We proceed down a hall and find magical symbols on the ground. Bhoner determines they are alarms triggered by contact with the living. We use boards to walk across without triggering the alarm. However while crossing another set of symbols, Rhogar clumsily falls, pulling Dox down with him and triggering the alarm. Zombies swarm toward us as Rhogar and Dox are struck with an intense fear, but they quickly recover.

After fighting off the swarm we discovered a hidden keyhole with a secret room inside when Dox picks the lock. Inside we find one-way wall creating another hidden room in which we are attacked by more zombies.

A plaque on the wall contains a riddle. We speak the answer (fame) and the tattered clothes turn into a set scale armor which Bolderion takes.

Billson's Journey

Viewpoint: Billson

Overview of current circumstance:
At the dragon grave, after slaying the evil DUDE and his minions. Finding Douven trapped in a bag and freeing him.

Standing around, Bolderan failing arcana checks on the mirror found in the bag, yielding nothing.

Billson asked the homeless dude what his name is. Belgy, by friends, he says. The dragonbourn asks about the condition of Douven and lays on hands to heal him up.

Bolgarian asks Douven what he is doing here, saying that Panven send us. Learning that he had heard of rumors of the dragon tomb and went to scout the location. Seeing if he can find something more that other adventurers might have missed. Bolgarian doesn’t seem to trust Douven and tries to gain insight into his words, learning nothing.

The dragon born, Rhogar, tries his diplomacy to learn more and discovers that a group back east is trying to find more information about the dragon grave. Speculating that the group we just killed may have been those from the east. There is apparently some sort of artifact here.

Rhogar and Dox discuss the possibility of Dox changing into Panven’s image to try and gain more information. Dox doesn’t seem very interested in trying, poking holes in Rhogar’s logic. I sense some sexual tension.

Rhogar suggests that we go back to to town and learn more about the artifact and the items we acquired. Also would be a good time to rest up and visit Valthron. There is also the Cobol problem to take care of still. It seems to be a consensus, heading back to the town.

Making it back to town safely. The homeless dude, Belgy, goes off to copy the map, saying it will take some time. We go to Velthron’s tour, nobody answered as we knock on the door. He eventually stumbles down the stairs to the door, looking tired, but sober.

Rhogar asks him about the dragon necklace. Some unknown religious symbol on it. Bonar does a awesome religions check, learning that the symbol is from the Cult of Orcus, the god of death. Appears to only be symbolic, no additional powers.

Rhogar asks about the ancient mirror next, Volthron knows nothing. Rhogars history check reveals that it’s an ancient variation of draconic text, but unable to read it.

Boldarion asks about the locket, learning of its healing properties. Will need vials of oil and other items to learn specifics. +1 Amulet of Heal, granting 5 poison resist, and +1 to fort, reflex and will.

Rhogar asks if he had time to look into runes yet, Volthron says to wait until he can verify specifics, not wanting to jump to conclusion.

Being about 9 in the evening, we head to the tavern. Thinking it is too late to bother the rich guy, Padrag. Finding some locals at the tavern. The saucy elf sitting at her table in the back corner.

Dox wants to chat up the elf chick. Convinces Rhogar to go over with her and talks to the Elf. I hold back and listen from a distance. Catching bits and pieces of the conversation.

Base at waterfall, northwest of city….cultists….sketch a map….sexy monk. Rhogar informs everyone of the conversation. I pretend to be interested by don’t really pay attention much, knowing he will remember and take charge like he always does. Dragon born has a big head to go with his big butt. I wink at the elf and head to bed.

In the morning, waking up and come down to tavern. Notice that Bonar has a fading mark on his face. Rhogar asks what’s on his face, says stuff happens when he sleeps sometimes. Boldarion checks his face, finding traces of magic, but nothing unexpected for a mage.

We decide to go visit Lord Padrig. Recognize by the guards and welcomed in, being expected. He asks if we have taken care of the Cobol problem. Having not gotten to it yet, we ask if there is more information on them. Nothing is learned. Bonar jokingly says we should kill him. Rhogar has no sense of humor. Padrig says to bring the head/helmet of Irontooth to get 100gold pieces. We left a messaged for Douven to stay around town and wait for us to come back from our next adventure.

We decided to bring the homeless Bengy along with us on our next adventure. He doesn’t seem to mind the higher level of danger. Nothing else around town seemed interesting so we head out to take care of the Cobol problem. Heading north west from town.

We come upon a river and waterfall, along with a pack of Cobols. A fierce battle ensues….

After clearing out all Cobols in site, we walk in and see a circle on the ground, learning that it gives +1 attack to anybody standing in the circle. Venturing into the waterfall, seeing more Cobols, once again showing our manly aggression.

We killed Irontooth in the waterfall cave.

The Dragon's Grave by Winterhaven

Viewpoint: Rhogar
Day: 6
Location: Winterhaven and the road to the Dragon’s Grave

As I walked down for breakfast, the bartender called me over. He let me know that Lord Padraig had left me a note saying that if we wanted to pursue the Kobold problem, come up to his manor for more information. I thanked the good bartender for this information.

Since Velthron was still sleeping (we needed to be there around noon), we elected to speak with Lord Padraig about the Kobold problem.

Lord Padraig says they’ve been unable to mount an attack on the Kobolds and he would like us to do it. He said their leader is “Irontooth” and we need to bring his head or helmet to prove the task is done. He offered us 100 gold pieces for our troubles.

Next we headed to Velthron’s tower to find more information about the dragon’s grave. He is clearly still recovering from his drinking the night before. When he goes back up the steps, Dox enters his tower to look around. She sees some ruins to the north east of Winterhaven that are not the location of the Kobolds.

While waiting, Bolderion begins to browse the magic books on the shelf. Velthron came down, and is clearly confused why Bolderion and Dox are in the tower. Bolderion complimented him on his book collection and Velthron relaxes and thanks him for the compliment.

Seeing that Velthron won’t mind, I entered the tower as well. Velthron showed us the map with the dragon’s grave. I asked about the ruins to the north east and he said that he hasn’t dared to go there by himself. He said he’ll look into details on the place for us though in the next few days.

I inquired if he had any more information about the dragon’s grave, particularly the type of the dragon. However, Velthron knows only that there are bones.

With the information we needed secured, we prepared to leave the city. As we were leaving, our homeless friend came up to us asking if he could join. It turned out that he produces maps, and would like to join us. I agreed, given that he produces two copies of the maps for us (one to sell and one to keep). He happily agreed, given that he could keep a copy for himself as well.

As we left the city we ran into another pack of Kobolds.

Panven's Quest on the King's Road

Viewpoint: Rhogar
Day: 2-5
Location: On the King’s Road

The first three day’s journey were blessedly peaceful. This adventure’s party of ours would, Bahamut willing, not see much adventure.

Unfortunately, on the fifth day we ran into a bit of a tussle. While Billson was relieving himself, he noticed several smallish lizard creatures darting back and forth. Upon seeing him relieving himself, they hissed “Intruders”.

Kobolds. They make my scales crawl. They are everything wrong with draconic creatures. We were quick to remove them from our path, and we took the spoils from them.

While cleaning my sword of the filthy Kobold blood, I noticed some freshly dug graves nearby. My heart sunk, knowing that they had perished by the hands of these Kobolds. Kneeling over their graves, I said a prayer to Bahamut for their souls, and also for the safety of future travelers.

We arrived in Winterhaven around dusk of the fifth day. Two of the guards question us, but after their brief interrogation they allow our party to enter.

At the entrance of the city we run into an unfortunate beggar. Feeling compassion on him, and in need of his map, we give him two javelines from our spoils: 1 for the map, and 1 to be our guide in Winterhaven. He explains where the Lord of Winterhaven lives, and that the people seem indifferent to the Lord and he points out other general information for us.

I gave him two extra gold pieces, for his time and as a hope that it may help him get back onto his feet.

Seeing that it was getting dark, we decided to head to the Inn. Immediately upon entry, Dox sees an elf sitting in a dark corner, sipping whatever is in her mug, glaring at everyone, including us.

Concluding that she is quite attractive, Billson headed over to her table. As soon as he sat down at her table, the elf reaches across the table and smashes his head into it. As the stupid monk walked away, I approached her and apologized for my acquaintance’s rude behavior. I asked her if I could buy her a drink to make up for it, and she requested to be left alone. Wishing her a good evening, I left her alone.

As I was walking back, I saw Bonnar doing magic tricks at the bar, Dox seated by herself, and Bolderion seated at a table talking to some elderly gentleman who is clearly getting drunk. Velthron was his name, and drinking and magic were, apparently, his game.

Bolderion explained that we’re looking for Douven Stual, and Velthron remembers him. He said that he went to an old dragon grave about three weeks ago. He offered to look it up for us in the morning if we came to his tower around noon.

A dragon’s grave eh? This holds some promise…

Around 9pm, a tough man walked in with two guards. I spoke to the bartender about him and found that he is the Lord of Winterhaven – Lord Padraig.

I went over to introduce myself and to speak with him. While there, I ask him if he has anymore information about the Kobolds or the dragon grave. He said the Kobolds are out in force, but the dragon grave was found by adventurer’s about a year ago. He asked if we would be willing to work on the Kobold issue.

I inform him that we’re committed to another task for the time being, but when we return we may very well take him up on the Kobold problem.

While I was speaking to Lord Padraig, Dox spoke to the bartender regarding the elf. He informed Dox that her name is Ninarin and comes in a few nights a week. She always sits by herself and people leave her alone.

Feeling tired from our journey, I head up to bed to prepare for the next day.

The Journey Begins

Viewpoint: Rhogar
Day: 1
Location: Gardbury Downs

This Changeling simply won’t leave me be. Rox… Lox… Fox… Dox. Blast. Dox. That’s her name. Perhaps, in this case, it was a mistake to intervene… Bahamut take me, but I can’t abandon a person in need. I hope that, with time, she’ll move on from my shadow. Until then, Bahamut grant me strength.

I had little choice but to watch over her as we traveled to Gardbury Downs. I heard a rumor about a dragon grave within the region, and was hoping to find some more information there. While passing through town, Dox stopped and read the Bard’s List.

She pointed out that there was a request for help and they were looking for adventurers to help. Realizing that my resources were a little low to support both Dox and myself, I agreed to at least meet with the requestor to see what would happen.

He requested that we meet at the Rusty Mug, which is on the outskirts of Gardbury Downs, just off the King’s Road. The innkeep shuffled Dox and myself into another room. There we met Bolderion (a Minotaur), Bonnar and Billson (humans).

After a short period of time, in walks a fairly tall (well, for a human), older man with a flowing beard. He introduced himself as Panven Daleborn. He had an acquiantance, Douven Stual, travel to Winterhave a few months ago. However, he hadn’t heard from him and Douven should have returned by this time.

Panven explained that Douven’s project was most important, and he wanted us to go check on Douven. He noted that he felt he could do it himself, but it would be more expedient for us to do the work for him. And he noted that, in the future, there may be other opportunities for us to work for him again.

The group repeatedly asked Panven for more details. For our troubles, he offered 50 gold pieces, half up front, half when we return. He gave us a sending stone in case we ran into any troubles. He explained that it would be about a three day journey there (and another three back).

Finally, the group agreed to the plan.


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