The Reed Chronicles

Billson's Journey

Viewpoint: Billson

Overview of current circumstance:
At the dragon grave, after slaying the evil DUDE and his minions. Finding Douven trapped in a bag and freeing him.

Standing around, Bolderan failing arcana checks on the mirror found in the bag, yielding nothing.

Billson asked the homeless dude what his name is. Belgy, by friends, he says. The dragonbourn asks about the condition of Douven and lays on hands to heal him up.

Bolgarian asks Douven what he is doing here, saying that Panven send us. Learning that he had heard of rumors of the dragon tomb and went to scout the location. Seeing if he can find something more that other adventurers might have missed. Bolgarian doesn’t seem to trust Douven and tries to gain insight into his words, learning nothing.

The dragon born, Rhogar, tries his diplomacy to learn more and discovers that a group back east is trying to find more information about the dragon grave. Speculating that the group we just killed may have been those from the east. There is apparently some sort of artifact here.

Rhogar and Dox discuss the possibility of Dox changing into Panven’s image to try and gain more information. Dox doesn’t seem very interested in trying, poking holes in Rhogar’s logic. I sense some sexual tension.

Rhogar suggests that we go back to to town and learn more about the artifact and the items we acquired. Also would be a good time to rest up and visit Valthron. There is also the Cobol problem to take care of still. It seems to be a consensus, heading back to the town.

Making it back to town safely. The homeless dude, Belgy, goes off to copy the map, saying it will take some time. We go to Velthron’s tour, nobody answered as we knock on the door. He eventually stumbles down the stairs to the door, looking tired, but sober.

Rhogar asks him about the dragon necklace. Some unknown religious symbol on it. Bonar does a awesome religions check, learning that the symbol is from the Cult of Orcus, the god of death. Appears to only be symbolic, no additional powers.

Rhogar asks about the ancient mirror next, Volthron knows nothing. Rhogars history check reveals that it’s an ancient variation of draconic text, but unable to read it.

Boldarion asks about the locket, learning of its healing properties. Will need vials of oil and other items to learn specifics. +1 Amulet of Heal, granting 5 poison resist, and +1 to fort, reflex and will.

Rhogar asks if he had time to look into runes yet, Volthron says to wait until he can verify specifics, not wanting to jump to conclusion.

Being about 9 in the evening, we head to the tavern. Thinking it is too late to bother the rich guy, Padrag. Finding some locals at the tavern. The saucy elf sitting at her table in the back corner.

Dox wants to chat up the elf chick. Convinces Rhogar to go over with her and talks to the Elf. I hold back and listen from a distance. Catching bits and pieces of the conversation.

Base at waterfall, northwest of city….cultists….sketch a map….sexy monk. Rhogar informs everyone of the conversation. I pretend to be interested by don’t really pay attention much, knowing he will remember and take charge like he always does. Dragon born has a big head to go with his big butt. I wink at the elf and head to bed.

In the morning, waking up and come down to tavern. Notice that Bonar has a fading mark on his face. Rhogar asks what’s on his face, says stuff happens when he sleeps sometimes. Boldarion checks his face, finding traces of magic, but nothing unexpected for a mage.

We decide to go visit Lord Padrig. Recognize by the guards and welcomed in, being expected. He asks if we have taken care of the Cobol problem. Having not gotten to it yet, we ask if there is more information on them. Nothing is learned. Bonar jokingly says we should kill him. Rhogar has no sense of humor. Padrig says to bring the head/helmet of Irontooth to get 100gold pieces. We left a messaged for Douven to stay around town and wait for us to come back from our next adventure.

We decided to bring the homeless Bengy along with us on our next adventure. He doesn’t seem to mind the higher level of danger. Nothing else around town seemed interesting so we head out to take care of the Cobol problem. Heading north west from town.

We come upon a river and waterfall, along with a pack of Cobols. A fierce battle ensues….

After clearing out all Cobols in site, we walk in and see a circle on the ground, learning that it gives +1 attack to anybody standing in the circle. Venturing into the waterfall, seeing more Cobols, once again showing our manly aggression.

We killed Irontooth in the waterfall cave.



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