The Reed Chronicles


Moving on from the squishy mess, we continued our quest into the depths. Going down the path we left before, we noticed a booby trap. Bonnor used Mage Hand to activate the trap safely from a distance, and it successfully sealed the room with iron bars.

We couldn’t see any other way into the room, so I mustered my strength, uttered a prayer to Bahamut, and ripped one of the iron bars off. Using it as leverage, I pried open another hole. There. Now sufficient room even for a dragonborn to get through.

Bilson was the first into the room and he promptly sprung a trap. I rushed in next to him to cover his back. While Bilson detained the guards in the room he was in front of, I cleared a slew of minions and grappled with the biggest of the guards.

The rest of the party quickly joined in, and we were able to dispatch all of the enemies with little difficulty. We found a good stash of gold from the largest guard’s chest, as well as some plans he had. Dox took the plans for good measure. Bolderion looted the main guard’s flail, and it had some magical properties about it.

Coming to a crossroads, we saw a door to our right that said “Closed” and a door ahead of us. Embracing caution, we proceeded into the room without the “Closed” sign. There were some dragon statues in the corners, and an enormous statue of a knight in front of us. Dox did a preliminary check of the floor but couldn’t see any signs of traps.

Bonnor and Bolderion both did arcana checks, finding that the floor had some level of enchantment, as well as the dragon statues. Feeling uneasy with this room, we went back to the “Closed” room.

Prying open the door, we found a very dark, very dusty hallway. We came to a tee in the road. Dox, Bilson and Bolderion went to the left to check what was down there while I stayed back with Bonnor to watch our backs.

Dox, ever on the lookout, noticed an enormous gelatinous blob taking up one of the rooms. It was entirely clear, but she prevented it from getting the best of it. The blob did manage to ingest a few of us but we were able to escape, especially thanks to Bolderion’s new flail. I also gave it a belly full of my fire breath.

The blob was unable to withstand our attacks and it quickly melted apart. We went to the next room and fought two undead. Bilson was able to keep them under control until I could get there to assist, and the ranged characters did heavy damage. Unfortunately for Bilson and I, these were exploding undead.

Once the room was clear, we examined the attached room. We found a locked box with a symbol of Bahamut on it. I prayed to Bahamut as Dox picked the lock. Inside, we found an amulet that had some magical properties, as well as a locket that clearly belonged to the Keagan family. Taking the locket, I vowed to return it to Lord Keagan so that his soul might rest a little more easily.



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