The Reed Chronicles

Panven's Quest on the King's Road

Viewpoint: Rhogar
Day: 2-5
Location: On the King’s Road

The first three day’s journey were blessedly peaceful. This adventure’s party of ours would, Bahamut willing, not see much adventure.

Unfortunately, on the fifth day we ran into a bit of a tussle. While Billson was relieving himself, he noticed several smallish lizard creatures darting back and forth. Upon seeing him relieving himself, they hissed “Intruders”.

Kobolds. They make my scales crawl. They are everything wrong with draconic creatures. We were quick to remove them from our path, and we took the spoils from them.

While cleaning my sword of the filthy Kobold blood, I noticed some freshly dug graves nearby. My heart sunk, knowing that they had perished by the hands of these Kobolds. Kneeling over their graves, I said a prayer to Bahamut for their souls, and also for the safety of future travelers.

We arrived in Winterhaven around dusk of the fifth day. Two of the guards question us, but after their brief interrogation they allow our party to enter.

At the entrance of the city we run into an unfortunate beggar. Feeling compassion on him, and in need of his map, we give him two javelines from our spoils: 1 for the map, and 1 to be our guide in Winterhaven. He explains where the Lord of Winterhaven lives, and that the people seem indifferent to the Lord and he points out other general information for us.

I gave him two extra gold pieces, for his time and as a hope that it may help him get back onto his feet.

Seeing that it was getting dark, we decided to head to the Inn. Immediately upon entry, Dox sees an elf sitting in a dark corner, sipping whatever is in her mug, glaring at everyone, including us.

Concluding that she is quite attractive, Billson headed over to her table. As soon as he sat down at her table, the elf reaches across the table and smashes his head into it. As the stupid monk walked away, I approached her and apologized for my acquaintance’s rude behavior. I asked her if I could buy her a drink to make up for it, and she requested to be left alone. Wishing her a good evening, I left her alone.

As I was walking back, I saw Bonnar doing magic tricks at the bar, Dox seated by herself, and Bolderion seated at a table talking to some elderly gentleman who is clearly getting drunk. Velthron was his name, and drinking and magic were, apparently, his game.

Bolderion explained that we’re looking for Douven Stual, and Velthron remembers him. He said that he went to an old dragon grave about three weeks ago. He offered to look it up for us in the morning if we came to his tower around noon.

A dragon’s grave eh? This holds some promise…

Around 9pm, a tough man walked in with two guards. I spoke to the bartender about him and found that he is the Lord of Winterhaven – Lord Padraig.

I went over to introduce myself and to speak with him. While there, I ask him if he has anymore information about the Kobolds or the dragon grave. He said the Kobolds are out in force, but the dragon grave was found by adventurer’s about a year ago. He asked if we would be willing to work on the Kobold issue.

I inform him that we’re committed to another task for the time being, but when we return we may very well take him up on the Kobold problem.

While I was speaking to Lord Padraig, Dox spoke to the bartender regarding the elf. He informed Dox that her name is Ninarin and comes in a few nights a week. She always sits by herself and people leave her alone.

Feeling tired from our journey, I head up to bed to prepare for the next day.



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