The Reed Chronicles

The Dragon's Grave by Winterhaven

Viewpoint: Rhogar
Day: 6
Location: Winterhaven and the road to the Dragon’s Grave

As I walked down for breakfast, the bartender called me over. He let me know that Lord Padraig had left me a note saying that if we wanted to pursue the Kobold problem, come up to his manor for more information. I thanked the good bartender for this information.

Since Velthron was still sleeping (we needed to be there around noon), we elected to speak with Lord Padraig about the Kobold problem.

Lord Padraig says they’ve been unable to mount an attack on the Kobolds and he would like us to do it. He said their leader is “Irontooth” and we need to bring his head or helmet to prove the task is done. He offered us 100 gold pieces for our troubles.

Next we headed to Velthron’s tower to find more information about the dragon’s grave. He is clearly still recovering from his drinking the night before. When he goes back up the steps, Dox enters his tower to look around. She sees some ruins to the north east of Winterhaven that are not the location of the Kobolds.

While waiting, Bolderion begins to browse the magic books on the shelf. Velthron came down, and is clearly confused why Bolderion and Dox are in the tower. Bolderion complimented him on his book collection and Velthron relaxes and thanks him for the compliment.

Seeing that Velthron won’t mind, I entered the tower as well. Velthron showed us the map with the dragon’s grave. I asked about the ruins to the north east and he said that he hasn’t dared to go there by himself. He said he’ll look into details on the place for us though in the next few days.

I inquired if he had any more information about the dragon’s grave, particularly the type of the dragon. However, Velthron knows only that there are bones.

With the information we needed secured, we prepared to leave the city. As we were leaving, our homeless friend came up to us asking if he could join. It turned out that he produces maps, and would like to join us. I agreed, given that he produces two copies of the maps for us (one to sell and one to keep). He happily agreed, given that he could keep a copy for himself as well.

As we left the city we ran into another pack of Kobolds.



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