The Reed Chronicles

The Journey Begins

Viewpoint: Rhogar
Day: 1
Location: Gardbury Downs

This Changeling simply won’t leave me be. Rox… Lox… Fox… Dox. Blast. Dox. That’s her name. Perhaps, in this case, it was a mistake to intervene… Bahamut take me, but I can’t abandon a person in need. I hope that, with time, she’ll move on from my shadow. Until then, Bahamut grant me strength.

I had little choice but to watch over her as we traveled to Gardbury Downs. I heard a rumor about a dragon grave within the region, and was hoping to find some more information there. While passing through town, Dox stopped and read the Bard’s List.

She pointed out that there was a request for help and they were looking for adventurers to help. Realizing that my resources were a little low to support both Dox and myself, I agreed to at least meet with the requestor to see what would happen.

He requested that we meet at the Rusty Mug, which is on the outskirts of Gardbury Downs, just off the King’s Road. The innkeep shuffled Dox and myself into another room. There we met Bolderion (a Minotaur), Bonnar and Billson (humans).

After a short period of time, in walks a fairly tall (well, for a human), older man with a flowing beard. He introduced himself as Panven Daleborn. He had an acquiantance, Douven Stual, travel to Winterhave a few months ago. However, he hadn’t heard from him and Douven should have returned by this time.

Panven explained that Douven’s project was most important, and he wanted us to go check on Douven. He noted that he felt he could do it himself, but it would be more expedient for us to do the work for him. And he noted that, in the future, there may be other opportunities for us to work for him again.

The group repeatedly asked Panven for more details. For our troubles, he offered 50 gold pieces, half up front, half when we return. He gave us a sending stone in case we ran into any troubles. He explained that it would be about a three day journey there (and another three back).

Finally, the group agreed to the plan.



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