The Reed Chronicles

The Ruins of Shadowfell

Like a boss

Found a scroll that says a rift is being opened so the people of Winterhaven will be food for “Lord Orcus”. It will be open in a matter of days with or without decoding “the message”.

Opened chest with 420 gold and some boots. Detected that the boots have magical properties.

Went back to Winterhaven. Talked with Valthrun. Gave him money to buy ingredients for ritual to identify properties of the boots.

Also tells us about the ruins and how followers of Lord Orcus in the times of the ancient empire opened a Shadowfell portal that let dark creatures in. A keep was built to guard it from those who would reopen the portal, but it has been abandoned long ago. The stories have fallen into myth and very few know of the stories.
Once the paladin “Sir Keegan” who was in charge of the keep fell into madness and slaughtered his family and fellow soldiers. He could not be brought down and was finally forced into the crypt and locked in. They say his ghost still haunts the ruins to these days.

Also rumored that great treasures are buried beneath the keep.

Then went to Lord Padrig to claim reward. He is quite happy the Kobold problem was solved. 100 gold reward.

We look around his library but we can’t find anything that helps us more in learning about the portal or spy.

Talk to Panven with messaging stone, telling him that Douven is safe. Also verify his identify via description and a question only the real Douven would be able to answer.

Come to the keep. Lots of fire damage. Nothing growing. Someone has cleared a path and uncovered some stairs in the stone leading to darkness. Horse and cart tracks.

We go down the stairs and are attacked by goblins. Rhogar foolishly charges toward them and falls into a pit of rats. Bolderion tries to run across balancing on Rhogar’s hands but stumbles and falls as he reaches the other side. Rhogar jumps out of the pit but is being swarmed by rats. As the fight ends he grabs one of the goblins and holds him fast. He grants him his life in exchange for the little information he knows, then ties up him and throws him outside.

We explore a dark cave at the bottom of a stairwell. There are many stalagmites and stalactites. Swarms of rats
Giant rats
drop from the ceiling onto Rhogar, and more drop from around us. After fighting off the rats we encounter an acidic blob-like creature. After nearly killing Rhogar the foul creature melts away.

Proceeding down a different passage, Bolderion falls into a hidden pit but catches himself and is finally pulled up with assistance from Rhogar and Dox. We find a nest of lizards and destroy them, looting their treasure and finding 5 gemstones.

We then venture into a room that says “Stay out. Really.” There’s an island with bones on it, and something in the water eats the rat bodies we throw in. A giant creature then emerges, dazing us with bubbles of gas and sending us into a headlong retreat.

Then a bunch of stuff happens, we defeat the water monster and wander around and find Sir Keegan who went crazy and was locked away. We convince him we also seek to fully seal the rift, and he gives Rhogar the powerful Aecris sword to help in our quest.

We proceed down a hall and find magical symbols on the ground. Bhoner determines they are alarms triggered by contact with the living. We use boards to walk across without triggering the alarm. However while crossing another set of symbols, Rhogar clumsily falls, pulling Dox down with him and triggering the alarm. Zombies swarm toward us as Rhogar and Dox are struck with an intense fear, but they quickly recover.

After fighting off the swarm we discovered a hidden keyhole with a secret room inside when Dox picks the lock. Inside we find one-way wall creating another hidden room in which we are attacked by more zombies.

A plaque on the wall contains a riddle. We speak the answer (fame) and the tattered clothes turn into a set scale armor which Bolderion takes.



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