The Reed Chronicles

The Squish Factor

This places makes my scales itch. After talking with Sir Keagan and seeing what this portal could do to that Paladin, I feel the dark power pulling on my soul. But Bahamut be praised, his light and holiness will shield me in this dark place and shelter my soul. And by his strength I will try to shelter those with me.

I finally got the rest of the spider web off of my sword. Wretched, foul creature. Treading more carefully, we listened to the doors before opening them. Hearing the sound behind one door, we crafted a brilliant plan to crush the vermin between Bolderion, Bilson and myself.

Dox, in her classic stealthy style, opened the door and loosed an arrow. Unfortunately, the creature was able to duck behind the corner just in time and missed the arrow and raised the alarm.

We rushed into the room and found another two doors. Identifying one with creatures behind it, I burst in and bathed them in flame from my Dragon Breath. The three minions were quickly dispatched. This new room had a way around to the other door, and Dox concocted a plan to catch them by surprise.

We bound the other door with a rope, and let Dox loose a surprise shot. Unfortunately, this didn’t work quite as planned. They had a mage that loosed powerful magic onto us. Seeing the futility of pushing through the narrow hall, I rushed back to the other door.

I retrieved the rope and smashed into the room (apparently squishing another minion). I charged the melee creatures and brought one close to death. Just as Bolderion was about to go down, I swapped places with him (trusting in Bahamut) and took the hit. I bloodied this new melee creature as well.

Then the mage loosed his frigid wrath. A cold blast swept over the party, causing serious harm. Ignoring the melee creatures, I turned my gaze to the mage. He was hiding behind a table, thinking he’d be safe.

Bellowing with Bahamut’s Fury, I rushed the mage. I flipped the table on top of him and landed with the full force of my weight on him. One of the melee creatures rolled me off, but the table was too heavy for the mage to lift.

The rest of the party dispatched the melee creatures and Bolderion focused on the archer. Bilson and I danced on the table, applying a little squish factor to the mage. He struggled to get out, but was clearly unable to do so.

As the archer turned to flee, Bolderion gleefully ran across the table (punctuated by a squeal from the mage) and trapped the archer by knocking him prone. Bonnar flopped himself onto the table for a little more squish.

Dox kept an eye on the mage, watching him squish, as she loosed arrows at the archer (showing their archer how a real archer does it).

And, disgustingly enough, the mage finally perished beneath our combined weight. The archer was also quickly dispatched.

Perhaps not the most noble way for me to eliminate a mage, but with a frosty bite like his, I’ll happily keep a table between us (or, rather, beneath me).



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